Dedicated gluten free snacks

Our wafers are Gluten Free, soy free, palm oil free, and vegetarian

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Crispy, Crunchy Puffed Corn

Naturally Gluten Free with a satisfying crunch... without the crumbs...

Indulgent Cream Centre

Inspired by natural Italian flavourings... a burst of flavour after your first bite...

Guilt-Free (80 Kcal or less!)

80 Kcal or less per pack… 2 wafers per pack... ideal as a light pick-me-up or for snacking on-the-go! (+ they're pocket-size!)

A Full Box of 24 Packs

Each box contains 24 packs - less than £10 a box when you subscribe to regular deliveries!

Gluten Free!

We’re a Gluten Free-First Brand so our crema wafers are made with 100% Gluten Free ingredients...

Ever feel like an afterthought in a gluten filled world?

Like when you go to a café and have to explain for the 1000th time what ‘Gluten Free’ actually means… 🙄

Or when you rejoice at seeing the ‘free-from’ aisle lined with yummy looking new snacks… Until you study the packets and realise they’re actually just vegan. And loaded with gluten 😑

Or how about when you have to pay twice the price for products that are half the size of ‘regular’ items? 😠

Not really fair, is it?

Well, here at Mamma Loretti, Gluten Free isn’t an afterthought…. 

It’s our only thought.

We’re a new brand with a simple mission: To increase Gluten Free choice in the UK and provide new, exciting snacks for the Gluten Free community.

And with your help, we’ve already caused quite a stir. 

With backing from one of the UK’s leading food distributors, our first snack – Mamma Loretti’s Crema – launched in-store (and now online!) to an incredible reception. 

Which is exactly why we think… 

It’s time for a brand that gives you the same choice of ‘fun’ snacks that gluten-eaters can enjoy 👈

And we can go even further.

You see, this isn’t actually our brand…

It’s your brand.

It’s entirely driven by your input.

Every single snack we’ll develop is based on the desires of you and the rest of the Gluten Free community.

In fact, that’s why our first treat is Mamma Loretti’s Crema…

Because one thing we kept hearing was: “Who else misses wafers?”

So that’s what we decided to focus on!

We may be going with wafers first, but this is just the start. We want to offer you a HUGE range of Gluten Free snacks and treats. 

And you can help that happen by subscribing to regular deliveries of our Crema wafers today!

Not only do you get a delicious snack with free and easy delivery, you’re also doing something incredible… 

Because when you support Mamma Loretti, you’re fighting for more Gluten Free recognition in the UK.

Thank You!